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SNUGL memory foam products are the perfect combination of stylish and practical design, high quality materials and pillowy softness.
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A combination of comfort, style and practicality you won’t find elsewhere

Coccyx Cushion
Travel Pillow
Lumbar Cushion


Whether you need support for your lower back, upper back or neck, we have the perfect product for you.

Premium Materials


Get both comfort and support accross our product range thanks to our 70D visco-elastic memory foam and our machine washable outer covers.

Free Next Day Delivery


Enjoy free shipping on all orders within the UK. And don’t worry, we use recyclable packaging to limit the impact on the environment.

Satisfaction Guaranteed


We offer you a 60-Day Money Back Guarantee AND a 2-Year Warranty on all our products.

Our Best Seller, Now On Sale

Snugl Travel Pillow

SNUGL Travel Pillow

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SNUGL Eye Mask Travel Set

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If you’re having trouble getting comfy, whether in your office chair or on long haul flights, SNUGL has got you covered. And we’ve got the reviews to prove it.

What our customers say about Snugl

Best travel pillow ever!

"I travel a lot for work and always have trouble sleeping sitting up. I ordered this for two 12+ hour flights and was skeptical, but once I put it on it was really comfortable. I feel asleep easy as its really supportive and had possibly the best sleep I've ever had on a plane with it. It packs away nicely into a little bag which I clip onto my bag. If you travel a lot, I would highly recommend this pillow!"


SNUGL Travel Pillow

The most comfortable and effective neck support I have owned

"I never usually sleep on long haul flights but this travel pillow was just the job. It is a little bit bulky, made of memory foam, but worth the extra baggage"


SNUGL Travel Pillow

Working at home just got 100% better with the help of Snugl

"How could I have survived all the working at home in 2020 without this fantastic bit of kit. My comfort level during first working week of 2021 has gone thru the roof with this SNUGL lumber support cushion. Absolutely anyone who wants to be comfy and therefore productive during the day needs to get one. Don’t delay!!"


SNUGL Lumbar Cushion

The back support ticks all the boxes

"I have a fractured and have back pain most days. Since I have started using this product sitting in my armchair is do much better. I found driving my car made my back pain worse but now my posture is so much better and finding driving much more comfortable. I have now ordered the same product for my sister as she suffers has back trouble. The best purchase ever."


SNUGL Lumbar Cushion

Great for the office chair

"Bought this due to having arthritis in both hips and now being a desk based... I was struggling and In agony at the end of the day. I put this on my office chair and all I can say is wow! It’s so comfortable and the shape helps to lift your hips which gives me instant relief. Obviously with it being memory foam it does flatten slightly after a while, but I literally stand for five seconds and it returns to its original shape and firmness. I absolutely recommend for hip arthritis and lower back pain for desk based jobs. Super fast delivery and well packaged with great information booklet x it also has a great strap which secured it in place onto any size chair."


SNUGL Coccyx Cushion

So comfortable

"I don't normally leave reviews, but I had to with this product. I am sitting on my office chair for the majority of the day and this cushion is an absolute life saver. So comfortable, I don't feel any pain when sitting down anymore for long periods of time. Thank you for such an amazing product for an affordable price."


SNUGL Coccyx Cushion
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Our Product Range

Where comfort starts.

Snugl Travel Pillow

For your neck

SNUGL Travel Pillow

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Snugl Lumbar Cushion

For your back

SNUGL Lumbar Cushion

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Snugl Coccyx Cushion

For your buttocks

SNUGL Coccyx Cushion

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Comfort & Support

SNUGL products come with a 60-day money back guarantee because we know you'll love them. Thanks to years of high quality feedback from our customers and our design team's attention to detail, we now have the UK's #1 travel pillow and more cozy things launching this summer. Watch this space.

Premium materials

Recyclable packaging

24/7 support

Free delivery

2-Year Warranty

Money Back Guarantee





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"SNUGL by name, snuggle by nature, this cleverly designed memory foam neck pillow aims to mould to your individual shape, to help reduce aches and pains with appropriate support."

GQ Magazine, May 2023

"The SNUGL Travel Pillow is made from conforming elastic cationic fabric that’s designed to relieve neck pressure and tightness, so you can sleep easier and better."

Mashable, June 2023

"Made from thermo-sensitive memory foam, it stays at the perfect temperature no matter where you are, plus it has a reversible cover and can be worn in a multitude of ways, including over the shoulder."

The Hotel Journal, April 2023

"The versatility of this pillow is only matched by its high-quality. Whether your favourite sleeping position is with your head back, forward, or to the side; the shape is cleverly designed to fit all preferences."

TheDozyOwl, May 2020

"The memory foam molds to the shape of your head and neck, providing personalized support and reducing pressure points. This helps alleviate discomfort and pain caused by prolonged sitting or sleeping in awkward positions."

Travellon, March 2023

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About Us

Each SNUGL design comes from our in-house innovation team in Cardiff, Wales. We research, test, develop, and test again so every product is high quality, long lasting, and cosy. You only receive the best, or your money back.

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Founder’s Note

SNUGL is a small independent business founded by CEO, Luke, who has a passion for travel and was fed up with endless shuffling trying to get comfortable on flights. After developing what became one of the best-selling travel pillows into the world, Luke added two life-long friends to the core team. Mark worked as a digital nomad for 10 years so knows a thing or two about air travel. Ludo mostly just likes sleeping a lot, making him the lead guinea pig for travel pillow improvement testing.